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  • Free file hosting is not a problem now a days but to find a great high speed website that can help you to send or recieve your large files in an easier is really hard. We also know that people have a love and hate relationship with free file hosting sites. Some file hosting sites are really handy and make sharing data even simpler than sending a file via email while other services spam you with countless pop ups and forced membership options to simply download a file. But we dont want you to worried at all. We have compliled a list of 11 Free Websites For You To Send And Recieve Large Files Quickly.

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  • I'll never forget my excitement when I first started downloading songs using Napster in 1999. Sure, I'd downloaded music from the Net — especially from the hacker "Mass Mails" on AOL which often originated in the hacker-run Macfilez and Zelifcam (macfilez spelled backwards) chatrooms — as early as 1996. But those were in the unwieldy .wav format, too large for practicality, as they were huge space-hogs on your hard drive, and besides, there was really no practical way to play them except on your computer.
  • Host John Heilemann explores the interactive nature of the modern World Wide Web, from early successes like Napster and the still popular Craigslist, to more recent phenomena like the social networking sites MySpace and Facebook.

    In this episode, "People Power," teenager Shawn Fanning invents Napster and forever changes the way music is shared over the Net — and, later, the way people communicate with each other via this medium.

    Download: The True Story of the Internet is about a revolution — the technological, cultural, commercial and social revolution that has radically changed our lives.

    And for the first time, we hear how it happened from the men and women who made it possible.

    From the founders of eBay, Yahoo, Amazon, Netscape, Google and many others, we hear amazing stories of how, in ten short years, the Internet took over our lives. These extraordinary men and women tell us how they went from being geeky, computer obsessed nerds to being 21st-century visionaries in the ti

  • It's called 'buckypaper' and looks a lot like ordinary carbon paper, but don't be fooled by the cute name or flimsy appearance. It could revolutionize the way everything from airplanes to TVs are made. (Oct. 18)
  • # البرامج الحرة ليست أجنبية!
    # البرامج الحرة عالمية
    # يمكنني المشاركة في برمجة وتعريب البرامج الحرة.
    # تعريب البرامج الحرة ليس تبعية للآخرين.
    # الحكمة: أن تبدأ من حيث انتهى الآخرون.
    # يجب أن نتخلص من عقدة "لم يصنع هنا."
    # لن أدعم أي برنامج عربي لمجرد أنه عربي!
  • لعله التعصب القبلي أصبح تعصباً للشركات، لعلها العقلية العربية التي تتحمس حتى النهاية فتنصر الآخر مظلوماً وظالماً، لعله ضرب الصدور وإعلان الولاء والوقوف مع الآخر في كل حال، لا أدري، ولا أفهم، ولا أستطيع بلع فكرة "التعصب لشركة" ولست قادراً على معرفة ما يدفع البعض للدفاع المستميت عن شركة أو الهجوم الكاسح على أخرى.

    أفهم من يقول "يعجبني" هذا الشيء أو ذاك أو تعجبني هذه الشركة، وأكره ممارسات شركة ما وإن كنت معجباً ببعض منتجاتها، هذا تفكير غير متطرف لا يميل ضد شيء أو مع شيء بشكل مبالغ فيه ولا يتطرف في طرح الآراء ليصبح غير عقلاني ومتشنج.

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October 19, 2008
  • هل النجاح ضربة حظ؟ شيء نادر يحدث مرة ولا يتكرر؟ هل الناجحون ولدوا ليكونوا كذلك، لحكمة إلهية لا سبيل لفهمها؟ هل الفاشلون في الحياة مقدر لهم الفشل، وبالتالي فلا توجد قوة تحت سماء هذه الأرض تستطيع أن تغير من قدرهم وحالهم هذا؟
  • بدأت الحكاية في عام 1998 مع الأمريكي جيسون وول (Jason Wall)، الذي شاهد إعلانا تليفزيونيا لكرات بلاستيكية يمكن تركيبها على أي شيء مثل الأقلام والهوائيات (اريال) والحقائب. وقتها خطرت الفكرة على بال جيسون، لماذا لا يكرر الشيء ذاته مع هوائيات السيارات، مثل أن يصنع كرة بلاستيكية على هيئة الوجه الضاحك أو الشرير، ويبيعها لمن يريد وضعها على اريال سيارته.

    عكف جيسون على وضع تصاميم جديدة من مخيلته، لم تقف عند حدود الزينة، إذ تطورت لتدخل في إكسسوارات وهوائيات السيارات، وطفق يبيعها في محطات الوقود ومراكز خدمة السيارات والمحلات الصغيرة، حتى باع 4 مليون كرة.

  • يعطيك النشر الحر عبر انترنت التحكم الكامل والتام في كتابك، فأنت تعرف بالتحديد كم نسخة بيعت، وفي أي وقت، ولا يفرض عليك أي ناشر أو رقيب حذف أو إضافة أية مواد لكتابك، ويخرج كتابك كما تريد له بالضبط. إنها الحرية الكاملة، ولهذا أطلقت عليه النشر الحر.
  • WP YouTube is a free WordPress plugin that makes your YouTube videos easier to publish. You don’t need to make the effort to paste the whole embed-code. All you need the video ID, the rest is handled by WP YouTube.

    WP YouTube now supports a profile editor, where you can set up different settings, but only one profile is needed for all your YouTube videos. Then it automatically set the colors, borders, width, height and more. Easy to use!

  • Smart Archives is a rather simple WordPress plugin that will allow you to display your archives in a much "cleaner" format. You can see it in action on my archives page. You'll notice that everything on the page is hyperlinked (years, months, posts) and that all of the respective links are future-proofed.
  • Search Everything increases the ability of the default WordPress Search, options included:

    Search Everything increases the ability of the default WordPress Search, options included:

    * * Search Every Page
    * * Search Every Tag
    * * Search Every Category
    * * Search non-password protected pages only
    * * Search Every Comment
    * * Search only approved comments
    * * Search Every Draft
    * * Search Every Excerpt
    * * Search Every Attachment
    * * Search Every Custom Field (metadata)
    * * Exclude Posts from search
    * * Exclude Categories from search

    … I’m still looking for some help so please contact me if you’d like to contribute.

  • Search Regex adds a powerful set of search and replace functions to WordPress. These go beyond the standard searching capabilities, and allow you to search and replace almost any data stored on your site. In addition to simple searches you have the full power of PHP's regular expressions at your disposal.

    The driving force behind this plugin is to aid in website migration and upgrading. If you've ever done either of these then you know the pain of having to go back through all your data, changing URL paths and fixing things. With this plugin you can reduce this work to a search and replace pattern and the job is finished in seconds.

    Why would you want this? The primary reason for the plugin was to aid in relocating directories. It's a real pain to manually go through every post and change image directory names. With this plugin all that was required was a simple search and replace pattern, and the job was finished in a few seconds.

  • Gives you manual control over the order of your WordPress post categories by letting you set an explicit order. Works with subcategories too.
  • Pagebar adds a nice page bar for selecting indivual pages instead of just the previous or next page. After activation you have a nice navigation bar instead of the old "Previous page" and "Next page" links:
  • Better Feed is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to enhance your feeds with several highly customizable features.
  • Some people really like that WordPress sends pings from your own site to your own site when you write posts; it lets them easily leave a trail of related posts.

    Some people do not like this behavior; it clutters up their comments.

    So here’s a plugin to disable self pinging. I couldn’t find any prior art, but if you know of any other plugins that do this, please let me know.

    Download the plugin, put it in your WordPress plugins directory, activate it via your WordPress admin panel, and you’re set. No configuration necessary.

  • This plugin adds a splash page to your blog that lets visitors know your blog is down for maintenance. Logged in administrators get full access to the blog including the front-end.

    When the maintenance mode is activated, the following message is being displayed:

  • Fully automatic upgrades of your WordPress blog
  • This plugin generates a XML-Sitemap compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog. This format is supported by, Google, YAHOO and MSN Search.

    More information what XML-Sitemaps are and how they can help you to get indexed by the major search engines can be found at and the searchenginewatch blog.

    If you have questions about XML-Sitemaps or run into problems, have a look at my Sitemaps FAQ.

    Note: The XML-Sitemap format was introduced in 2005 by Google and adopted in 2006 by YAHOO, MSN Search and so thats why it’s often called "Google Sitemaps".

  • This plugin displays excerpts of the most recent comments and/or trackbacks that have been posted to the articles in your blog.
  • Welcome to the homepage for Contact Coldform, a free contact-form plugin for WordPress. Contact Coldform is designed with a sharp focus on clean code, solid performance, and ease of use. No frills, no gimmicks, only pure contact-form satisfaction. If you are looking for a solid, well-designed, user-friendly, fully customizable contact form, look no further: Coldform is perfect for any WordPress blogger. The comprehensive Options panel makes Coldform easy for beginners to take full control, while the consistent, logical PHP/(X)HTML code makes Coldform ideal for advanced users desiring customized functionality. The best of both worlds: a “clean-slate” contact form that provides everything you want and nothing you don’t! 🙂
  • This WordPress plugin lets you batch edit your posts: assign multiple posts to a category or delete multiple posts from a category in one fell swoop. Version 1.2 and above also support WordPress 2.3’s in-built tagging system, allowing you to tag and un-tag multiple posts at once.
  • Breadcrumb NavXT is a WordPress plugin compatible with WordPress versions 2.5 and up. This plugin generates locational breadcrumb trails for your WordPress blog. These represent the hierarchy leading up to the current page rather than the actual path taken to arrive at the current page. Breadcrumb trails are a good supplementary navigation system that aid in site usability. To the right are examples of breadcrumb trails generated by this plugin.
  • Automatic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) out of the box for your wordpress blog …
    This plugin is streamlined for some best practices for WordPress SEO. While it gives you many options the defaults reflect the settings I recommend using.
  • Add multiple feeds to a single digest.

    With our simple yet powerful interface, you can mix feeds in minutes, even if you have no experience in feed technology. Your digest can process even a few hundred feeds – thanks to Feed Informer.

  • IndividUrls lets you build your own custom news aggregator with content from the sites that you are interested in.
  • Appnr – Get Ubuntu Applications , No need to download just install.
  • Download Mac Freeware
  • Free and open-source software is good for you and good for the world. This is the best free Mac software that we know of.
  • Recent studies indicate that those who spend even a few hours a day working on a computer could suffer significant vision problems. Susan Harkins offers an overview of symptoms and causes and then shares some practical suggestions for reducing eyestrain.
  • Now whenever you do a post you’ll be a few clicks away from having your own poll, and you can have as many as you like! We’re also going to be working on a lot more styles and customization of the polls, so you’ll be able to match it exactly to the look and feel of your blog.

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  • نعم بامكانك اضافة 6000 دولار شهريا الى رصيد حسابك في البنك ولكن بشرط أن يكون معدل زوار مدونتك حوالي 100 الف زائر في الشهر. هذه المعلومة هي من ضمن معلومات اخرى قيمة وردت ضمن التقرير السنوي عن “ حالة التدوين” الذي يقوم باصداره سنويا موقع تكنوراتي. وتنبع أهمية التقرير من أهمية موقع تكنوراتي بصفته الموقع شبه الرسمي لحركة التدوين في العالم. والغريب أن مثل هذا التقرير الهام مر مرور الكرام على كثير من المدونين العرب لذا اخصص هذا المقال لتناول ابرز ما جاء فيه .
  • Want to know how to create pages that rank well in Google? It's not hard and best of all Google tell's you how to structure your site and pages in their webmaster guidelines.
  • You can invite users to provide permission to display their online presence. This is done by adding a link to the signup page. When a user clicks the signup link, the user is taken to a Windows Live Messenger settings page. Once signup is complete the user is directed back to the URL that you specified in the signup link. You can then use the user's ID to query for the user’s online presence.
  • The Windows Live Presence API is is an HTTP API for accessing a Windows Live Messenger user’s presence. The Windows Live Presence API returns presence in JSON or as a JavaScript function. For a Web site to query a Windows Live Messenger user’s presence, the Messenger user must give permission to share presence and receive messages from the Web. The Web site should invite the user to share Messenger presence. See Inviting Users to Share Online Presence for more information.