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March 13, 2010
  • I have looked all over the place and can't find a way to make a custom URL for my FB page.

    If this is NOT possible, FB, could you please make this a feature in a next version? For marketing, it is so much easier to have a neat clean URL than a string of numbers and letters.

    If anyone knows how to create a custom URL for your page, please let me know!

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March 4, 2010
  • The Gigya Socialize plug-in aggregates authentication and social APIs from Facebook Connect, MySpace ID, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and AOL, giving sites the ability to:

    * Authenticate users via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo and many other OpenID providers
    * Promote user activity on social networks by enabling users to invite friends to your site
    * Increase site traffic by sending user status updates and newsfeed updates to Social Networks

    The plug-in is configurable; it requires little time and no programming knowledge to install (installations takes less than two minutes). The plug-in is scalable and secure, using a standard authentication techniques to prevent account spoofing and is fully scalable. The plug-in code is also GPL licensed.